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myEPG – a mobile application of “Electronic Programme Guide” customized for TV Fans, it does not only allow you to check the latest on-aired TVB programmes in all channels, but also enables you to grab all programmes’ related information. Special features of myEPG:
• Instantly display the on-aired programme schedules of all TVB channels, including self-production programmes and myTV latest uploads• A maximum of 7-day programme schedules of all TVB channels• User-friendly programme categories to make your search easy• Programme synopsis• Programme Page with all related programme information including episode information, cast and photosWith myEPG, you won’t miss any TVB programmes!
* Notice: If there is a change of schedule or programme’s information, it will be subject to the announcement of corresponding TV channel.
* While using all the functions of myEPG, performance of different mobile devices or tablets may vary.